My Story & About the Lasagna_23 Collab

It’s been 3 years since I created Be Decent. 

It started as a personal project, and a way to communicate a positive message to the world through my style. But in February of 2018, my passions, goals and existence were interrupted by life’s plans in the form of a cancer diagnosis - the most terrifying, dramatic and unpredictable hand that life can deal you. Especially at 21. So, as with all things put under pressure, I spent two years growing, changing and evolving in a million different ways. And I thought I was done with the surprises.

Enter 2020 🙃. HAHA. Honestly, no explanation necessary. 

I quickly came to a very difficult realization that for someone immunocompromised like myself, life was going to look very different (or very similar) from here on out, since with the exception of doctors visits and chemo, I would be literally stuck inside of my house until further notice. SICKKKK. This hit me hard. I felt like I finally figured out normalcy and balance between my social life and my health. But as I seem to always be reminded - LIFE HAS IT’S OWN PLANS. 

Thankfully, this story isn’t all bad…in fact I’m THRILLED to announce that I have indeed found unexpected love among this dumpster fire world… her name is Twitch🤪

When COVID shut the world down, streaming became a beautiful escape for me. It’s a way for me to connect with new people, do something I enjoy and find community while staying safe at home. On chemo weeks, I’ll be feeling super vulnerable mentally and physically. Playing COD or Assassins Creed or Among us becomes not only a distraction from the physical symptoms I’m experiencing, but as crazy as it sounds, a way to take back control. When I’m fully immersed in a game, I have no physical limits. I can jump off buildings, sprint across battlefields and fight for my team members. I can't really express how much gaming and streaming has helped me through this, but I’m grateful knowing that when I’m in the game, I’m never alone.

So through this surprisingly rewarding journey, Be Decent has evolved right alongside me…and I’m excited to FINALLY introduce the exclusive Be Decent x Lasagna_23 2020 Collab.  


This drop features 19 brand new, fun, and unique pieces for both gamers and spectators alike. I think it’s time we all take ourselves a little less seriously, so each piece comes with my gamer-style lasagna logo, a nod to my life as a streamer, my love for food, and my life as a cancer warrior. With the same classic and high quality look and feel of the OG Be Decent pieces you’re used to, these are perfect for cold weather, cozy streaming sessions and flexing on your enemies. I’m so excited for you all to have these. Until next time, Happy holidays, have fun, and Be Decent.